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There are plenty of places around the world the check out for an EDM concert or simply to check out the EDM culture in that particular city. Here are some of the cities we have highlighted from around the world that either offer great venues and/or are great places to stay when you’re in town for your next dubstep or EDM event.

Definitely the leader is all EDM events with mega-festivals like the annual Ultra. Miami is a trend setter with places such as South Beach and the up-and-coming Brickell. For some down time, enjoy the artistic beauty of Wynwood which has a bevy of hidden gem venues, and for businesses, a leading Miami SEO firm is there to help.

Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale is not too far from Miami and boasts it’s own slew of venues, mainly located on Las Olas Blvd in downtown. Don’t sleep on Miami’s sister city as Fort Lauderdale is just as wildly entertaining. If you’re looking for Fort Lauderdale SEO to help bring attention to your business, then it is readily available.

Las Vegas
It gets no bigger than Las Vegas, with the casinos and the everything else you could possibly imagine. The beauty about catching an EDM event here is that there are plenty of restaurants and bars to get caught up in.

Atlantic City
Certainly not the place is used to be, but Atlantic City offers a lot of what Las Vegas does in terms of music events, hotels and, of course casinos. Not as many big acts hit Atlantic City anymore, but it is the home of some great underground EDM with up and coming artists.

Boca Raton
This is a very upscale South Florida town with a lot of cool things to do while you’re in town for a music festival. This may be geared to those of you who are a little older and want some sophistication with your event experience. Boca Raton is for the “higher life” with lavish gold courses and resorts to boot. Funky Buddha is known for EDM music and being a comfortable retreat for any fan of EDM. Elite Rank Media offers exceptional Boca Raton SEO for businesses within the city.

Delray Beach
Not far from Boca, in Palm Beach County, is Delray Beach which kicks it up a notch and is perfect for those of you who want to hit the beach in style during your trip. Honey is a place that will give you the EDM experience with an upscale yet hip ambiance to match.

Several hours north of Miami is Jacksonville and while it may not come with the reputation that downtown Miami does, Jacksonville still knows how to party while offering the warmer climate that only Florida can. Jacksonville also has it’s own EDM scene that shouldn’t be ignored. Jacksonville is also a stone throw’s away from Disney, just in case you’re into that or need Jacksonville SEO to market to the tourists.

Looking for a true tropical getaway? Cozumel has a very sexy reputation for being one of the premier destinations for EDM parties. Boasting sandy white beaches with beautiful clear ocean waters, Cozumel is the perfect backdrop for your EDM getaway.

For one of the premier EDM clubs you need to head to Seattle. There you will find Foundation Nightclub which is easily one of, if not the best Seattle nightclubs bumping EDM.

One of the more popular ways to experience EDM is via a party cruise. Many to choose from with Inception at Sea, It’s the Ship!, Holy Ship, and many more that get you that Caribeans cruise experience with a healthy overdose of EDM vibes.

Dominican Republic
Just in case you didn’t think EDM was global, here is proof. There are EDM events going on in the Dominican Republic and they know how to get wild! Electric Paradise Music Festival has made a few stops at the Dominican Republic and it is fair to assume they will return in the future.

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