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About Us

Welcome to, one of the music industry’s biggest, up-and-coming music websites. We’re breaking out into the worldwide dubstep scene – offering news, forums, photos and more!

Created by a couple of dubstep fanatics, out site aims to offer a fresh take on dubstep news. We love reviewing new albums and sharing all our favorite tracks with fans like you. Haven’t been able to keep up with all the dubstep out there? Now you can.

Dubstep Reinvented

What makes us different from all the other dubstep sites out there? We aim to provide fresh and accurate content – every time. Along with free downloads and our dubstep shop, we’re a never-ending information source for all things music.

If dubstep’s your thing, why not save yourself a little time by accessing all the latest industry information in one, easy-to-navigate location? Whether you’re looking for video, in-depth interviews or event listings – explore our site today!


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