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xKore pulls no punches with huge new dubstep (and more!) EP

XKore is definitely one of our favourite producers at the moment. This young lad from Sittingbourne is doing his own thing, building his own community and putting out the kind of music he wants. xKore has always been realistic about the state of the music industry and the dubstep scene and how hard it is these days for up-and-coming producers to “make it”. So he’s stuck to his guns, made good use of the tools at his disposal, and just soldiered on. Check out the interview with Xkore we did a few weeks ago to find out more about the man of the moment.

Speaking of the moment, xKore has just dropped his latest offering, the End of the Line EP, on Rottun Recordings. It is not for the faint of heart, so get ready for a rollercoaster. This is going to kill some braincells. First up, the title track, End of the Line, is a bass-heavy dubstep monster featuring MC Messinian from Philadelphia. The intro is huge, with Messinian throwing down some bars to build up the tension before a hard-as-nails drop and those customary xKore beats. That bass ain’t taking no prisoners. This is aimed squarely at the dancefloor and we can see it doing some damage anywhere this gets dropped.

Next up we go to Killah, which sees xKore switch thing up a bit with a drumstep banger. Those half-time beats are right on the money. The bass is absolutely disgusting and there are hints of early (ie good) Pendulum and Sub Focus in there. This one is going to absolutely rip nightclubs apart. It’s the perfect fusion of dubstep growls and screeches with drum n bass energy.

The third track, Shredder, has a rocking tribal 4/4 beat driving this filthy electro bass. It’s a playful tune, thumping along at about 128 BPM, before another 4/4 tune, Crank It Up, which has a very big room vibe. Already you can see that this EP is diverse, touching many genres and showing a deep appreciation of contemporary dance music, while making sure to please to please dancefloors the world over.

The final track, and and one that is no doubt going to polarise opinions, is Money Counter, a collab with Stereoliez. It’s an unapologetic, rough-and-ready moombahton number that delivers on a number of fronts. The intro is rowdy as hell, pitching everything up to the drop and then it’s four-to-the-floor headnod madness, out of nowhere. The breakdown is bass and siren heavy, leading into the mid-section and the second drop. The final minute of the tune switches things up something spectacular and brings it all home, but you get the impression this tune is more Stereoliez than it is xKore. It’s no bad thing, by any standards, but it’s certainly going to confuse fans who can’t get past expecting a certain type of sound. On first hearing it, though, we thought it was great and probably our fav tune on the EP.

Overall, this is a solid offering from xKore, available now on iTunes.

Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.

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