Vacant X CoMa

Vacant x CoMa – The Afterlife

What a perfect way to kick off the weekend. This gorgeous little slice of ambience is a fresh new collab from London producer Vacant and the ever-phenomenal CoMa from Los Angeles. Vacant has a lot tunes over on his Soundcloud that explore the darker aspects of ambient music and future garage. Definitely worth checking out. CoMa meanwhile is one of our fav producers/vocalists around.

The result of this collab is a song that evokes images of spring morning, opening with these dreamy keys and an acoustic guitar loop accompanied by the sound of dripping water. Then CoMa’s vocal kicks in. “When the curtain drops, and everyone is gone…” As always, it’s faultless. “Please remember me,” she sings. The vocal and the production work go together faultlessly. It’s an extremely effective, atmospheric tune and we’d like to see these two working together more.

Unofficial video from MrBernibest:


Buy the tune for a pound here.

Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.

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