TroyBoi tune takes you to another dimension

Yes TroyBoi! He’s back with with what can only be described as RPG music meets Wu Tang on ‘shrooms. This tune, Dimensions, has an unashamedly retro vibe with a curious SNES-type acid synth wiggling its way around a beat with a Southern drawl. It’s got that Zelda vibe to it. Pure silliness but undeniably catchy. The tune is a fresh take on a familiar sound, with snappy vocal snippets and layer upon layer of chopped-up sounds, including what could be a frog.

The tune was published on the Elysian Records Soundcloud and is available as a free download right now so go check it out. We’re big fans of Troyboi and his eccentric style of production. Go check him out on Soundcloud.

Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.

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