Closed Eyes dubstep

This new dubstep tune from Closed Eyes is a beauty

This is an absolute monster of a tune. We don’t know a great deal about who Closed Eyes are other than that they’re Canadian, but if this tune is anything to go by, we should expect to hear some great music this year. Everlasting is an instrumental piece of dubstep with a gorgeously powerful intro that builds and builds before the beat drops out, leading into a sublime drop. The atmospheric sweeps and eerie strings conjure up images of being out at sea with the wind in your hair and salt water splashing against your face. The change-up after the 3 minute mark is expertly done. This is the kind of emo dubstep that can so often sound cheesy and contrived. Thankfully, Closed Eyes manage to avoid the pitfalls.

This is the only tune on their Soundcloud other than a questionable remix of One Republic’s Apologize. We can forgive that one if more original beats like Everlasting end up in our feed from time to time. Everlasting has certainly made a few ripples and is currently being championed by a bunch of top dubstep communities. You can download the tune for free. Go go go!

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Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.

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