Seasons of Electricity

The new Seasons of Electricity compilation album is beautiful

In their own words, Seasons of Electricity is a project designed to let producers give back to their loyal and supportive fans while allowing them to simultaneously discover new music. Sounds promising — and indeed, it’s a project that delivers some damn fine music. Their latest offering, Sounds of Spring, is a genre-free exploration of the first days of spring. It’s those moments after a long, cold winter (and a winter compilation!) when the sun starts to shine, the leaves begin to green and the animals finally venture out to see what’s been happening in the world. Deep, huh?

But enough of that. It’s a themed album with hints of dubstep, ambient, electronica, drum n bass, folk and more to warm the cockles of your heart. No dancefloor material here. Just straight-up, chilled beats from a bunch of artists, most of whom we hadn’t come across before. Perfect listening material and a great platform for all these producers. The album is neatly available for free download over on the Bandcamp page. Go check it out.

Also check out Seasons of Electricity on Facebook.

Here are a few of our fav tracks from the album.

Wolftek – Written In Stone (feat. Nori)

Wake The Phantom – Days Like Today

Clem – Before We Were Men

O S L O – To Start Over

Selerac – Rorrim

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