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The 5 best tunes that landed in our inbox recently

We gets heaps of tunes sent to us. Sometimes they are emailed to us while other times they end up in our Twitter DMs or else our Facebook inbox. Whatever, they are normally spammy as hell and automated or else copy/pasted. We ignore the bulk of them, but if there’s new music to be listened to, we’ll always give it a bash, even if it’s only for a few seconds. The majority of the tunes we get sent are pretty bad. But every now and then we’ll stumble across something vaguely interesting. There are lots of up-and-coming dubstep producers who should probably wait a little longer before unleashing their sounds on the world. Tracks in this post, though, we reckon are worth a shout out, even if most of them came to us as junk mail.

Adventure Club – Wonder (DixonBeats & BH Remix)

This is a really strong tune from earlier in the year that’s also a free download. The piano-driven, dreamy intro introduces a soft male vocal with lyrics that would equally suit a hands-in-the-air trance tune. The drop is melodic and gripping, making good use of the vocal and keeping the emo vibes flowing. It’s one for the end-of-the-night crew with a synth hook that jumps out and smacks you in the face. You’ve heard tracks like this before, but that’s not to take away from what is ultimately a really polished offering.

J-Flames – Sonic Boom

No idea who this guy is, but he lives in southeast London, as do we, so we hit play and were pleasantly surprised with this melodic piece of bass music. The claps are a bit jarring, but we like the electro synth work and the drums. The Street Fighter sample doesn’t really serve much purpose, but if you strip away the odd bits, there’s a solid track underneath here.

Viper – Simon

Viper sends us tunes quite a lot and he’s actually one of the few people who doesn’t sound like a spambot in his messages. This is one of his recent tracks, a take on Castlevania with some really grimey, gurgling bass, like an electronic house of horrors or something. It’s Texas Chainsaw meets Mass Effect.

Flexta – Sick Trap Beat

This isn’t really a full tune, but it is indeed a pretty sick beat after the slightly annoying intro. It’s all about that bass. This is the kinda beat we’d put on loop and have a sxratch session to.

2MT – Shinigami (Grime Dub)

Straight-up, unabashed grime. Deep, dark and dirty. These guys are a duo based out of south London. Respect.

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