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Something for everyone on Buygore’s Fresh Blood compilation

We never really know what to make of Borgore. That’s a discussion for later perhaps. Right now, though, we’re very much getting into this new Buygore Fresh Blood compilation, a free download of eight tracks from some seriously talented up-and-coming artists. On the roster we’ve got Darius Carter, Laetho, Noclu, Padu, Salute and Chee.

So what have we got on the album? London’s Darius Carter has two tracks. Psilocybin is a dreamy, laid-back tune, a tantalising fusion of breaks and grime. XX is straight-up chillstep, with plenty of bass. There are also two tune from Noclu, whose recent collab with CoMa is divine. Resistance is a heavy, pulsating orgy of grimey, angry bass and screwface vibes, while Synthia explores the limits of gloomy, unsettling synths and disturbing melodies.

Laetho from Belgium drops a throbbing, pulsating slab of twisted electronic music, marking him as a producer to watch in the future. Padu, a 17-year-old beatmaker from Aberdeen, Scotland, unleashes all kinds of industrial-tinged energy with his track Anxiety, one that will pleases fans of the more stripped-back forms of dubstep.

Voltt by Salute is relentless with its timestretched, unnerving vocal snippets and trappy drums, driven home by dirty pads and deep, dark bass. Suicide Mouse from Chee is glitchy as heck, with the BPMs cranked right up, resembling something along the lines of unhinged horror drumstep.

It’s not a completely natural ensemble of producers and tunes, but as a showcase rising talent, most of whom we’d never heard of, there’s a lot to be excited about, particularly in the form of Darius Carter.

Want to get your hands on all of these tunes? Click here.

Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.

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