Datsik Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg and Datsik collab is a bombass party tune

As soon as the beat on Smoke Bomb drops you know what’s coming. Crisp drums, an early nod to G-funk and Snoop Dogg just doing what he does, cus. It’s a pure party tune that kind of meshes well with the whole ethos of Snoop Dogg: “All I wanna do is smoke and have a good time.” The wub wub is familiar and suitably silly and you get the impression that this is Datsik not taking himself too seriously.

Not everyone is gonna love this tune and it’s certainly not gonna set the world on fire or anything like that, but whatever, it’ll get heads nodding and what we like about this track is that it pays homage to the kind of productions that defined the West Coast and gangsta funk. A nice touch.

Dubstep is alive and well in 2015 and Datsik is at the forefront of the genre. Keep ’em coming, son.

You can pick up the tune on Beatport now.

Why not have a listen?


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