RIDICULOUS tune from Creepa

Hold tight, mates. This tune goes for the jugular. The one like Creepa from Amsterdam has dropped a rip-roaring slab of Eastern-inspired ambience that packs a hell of a bassy punch. The introduction builds slowly, like something new age from an Enigma album, pan pipes and all, before reaching a climax that unleashes this booming bass and these meaty drums, all held together by what sounds like a qinqin, or Chinese banjo. It is pure sickness from start to finish.

Creepa is a young, Dutch buck (born in 1995!) who is surely destined for great things in 2016. A classically trained pianist, he’s crating a distinctive sound at just the right time. Check out his back cat on Bandcamp and be sure to follow him on Soundcloud.

This one comes thanks to the good folks at Zen Supremacy, so be sure to give them a look, too.

Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.

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