Rameses B dubstep

Rameses B has put out a phat new dubstep tune to raise money for a good cause

We like this kind of thing. It’s always cool to see artists give back through a cause they care deeply about. Step up Rameses B, who hails from the Yorkshire city of Leeds. This northern chap has been putting out tunes for more than 10 years now, duck, independently funding his endeavours and appearing on labels like Monstercat, Liquicity and Seeking Blue, to name but three. His sound is melodic to the core, incessantly pleasing in a world filled with disappointment. You can always rely on Rameses B, whether he’s dishing out liquid dnb or chillstep or ambient or melodic dubstep or anything else for that matter.

This time around, he’s coming at us with a tune called The Fallen, a chillstep tune of the highest calibre. An alluring intro captures our imagination before a downtempo drop introduces a haunting Hindi vocal, alluring and subtle, gathering momentum towards the second half of the track, and complemented by a smattering of movie samples. The beats are crisp, the melody intoxicating and the atmosphere palpable. It’s a tremendous tune, a glorious 4:20 minutes.

Of the tune, the man himself said, “Inspired by the violence and conflict in today’s world I appropriately named this ‘The Fallen’ that expresses loss and self-forgiveness within the music.”

The good cause this track was made for is the Organization for Autism Research. There are in fact more than 40 tracks by more than 40 amazing artists on an album you can download for just $19.99, which we think is a bargain at twice the price. This is the second Bass For Autism and we reckon you should definitely check out all the tunes and donate a little cash that will help to make the world a better place. Everyone’s a winner.

Oh, and before we forget, here’s the Rameses B tune.

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