Planet Mondo Interview: Dj View

With the holidays around the corner, there are plenty of parties on tap to keep your head bouncing and your body moving. We recently sat down with Dj View and discussed a number of topics in this exclusive interview.

Planet Mondo: What best describes your music & why it’s unique


Dj View: When I envision my music as subject matter, something concrete, I see a machine yielding a machete stomping through the jungle hacking at all that’s in its way.  Some could say underwater robots/aliens for the drops but I like to base my introductory and break elements off of feelings from past experiences, mostly in dark wooded areas.  When I was young I would put on my headphones and walk through the woods at night all alone.  There was something overwhelming about it that I really enjoyed and looked forward to throughout the day.
It was like a drug; very intense at first but after a little bit I was in my comfort zone.  I always try to replicate that intensity that I felt in the intro/break/outros of my compositions.

Planet Mondo: Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Dj View: As of right now the artists that have my attention are Kadaver, Sudden Death, Ecraze, Graphyt, Emoxx, Samplifire, MurDa, Evilwave, and Oolacile.  These dudes are taking over the scene with their next level sound design and brilliant arrangements.

Planet Mondo: What are you currently listening to?


Dj View: So I produce so often that I tend to get sick of hearing all these loud wubs.  When I take a break from production to work in my painting studio, I tend to go back to my roots and listen to a lot of DNB and hip-hop.  DNB artists such as Black Sun Empire, State of Mind, Calyx & TeeBee and as for hip-hop artists I am a huge fan Gucci Mane and Pouya been on the come up as well, I’ve had his UU album on repeat for 3 weeks now.”

Planet Mondo: Do you have any projects you are working on?


Dj View: “Yes of course!  I try my best to always stay busy.  If you are on your grind you have a chance to shine, without the grind you’re literally taking away any chance to grow as an artist.  Music wise, being an independent dubstep producer is competitive, you literally have to be one of the best to get any kind of recognition so I always try to reach out to relatively newer producers that I see are trying their best because I know we can make a great track together and that’s all I ever wanted when coming into the scene was to make good music and enjoy the process with other like-minded producers.

I currently have works in progress with Antima (Italy), DWARV (Wisconsin), Novice (Minneapolis), ORBiTE (Sweden), Kasework (Michigan), Calladore (Ohio), Bootyswag (Pennsylvania), and I’ve recently reached out to Kill OG and Pandemic after having a good time with them at a recent show.  I love collaborations but I also like to work on my own productions as well.  As of right now I have 13 unreleased dubstep productions compiled in a folder; currently in the demo process.

Being brought up listening to Dr. Dre and Ludacris, I have an undying love for phat 808s.  I am also a hip-hop producer for Cleveland based record label and marketing, Associate Records.  I work with artists, Mopacino, Corey Bapes, Layzie Bone, and Denise Monroe.  I have produced over 30 songs that are all unreleased for Corey Bapes and have 8 productions coming out on Mopacinos’ album which should be released first quarter of 2017.

Music aside, I am a geometric abstraction painter; some would call me an Op Artist.  I fell in love with painting not too long ago, during my undergraduate program at Kent State University.  I used to draw a lot in charcoal but once I was taught how to work with color correctly, I begun to see the limitless possibilities and started my endeavor as an abstract painter.  Over the past 2 1/2 years I have been exploring different ways to create optical effects with color.  The process is long yet meditative and through my system of application, my imagery yields unexpected results.  I have visions of what I want to create but through my process my ideas become dissected.

A good friend of mine and I have been working towards creating sound activated animations of my paintings that can then be projected onto stage setups during my live shows.  You can check out some of my paintings here”:

Planet Mondo: Your Coolest Experience Thus Far (Recording or Performing) ?

Dj View: “Recording the albums with the crew at Associate Records was a blast.  It was great to meet the engineer and just have a good time doing studio tings.  Performance wise, I’d say my favorite show I’ve been a part of is one I did with Trollphace and Boogie T.  Those dudes are real chill, Brock got the best sense of humor for real that dude is hilarious + they killed their sets!

Performance with Squnto was dope too!  Not surprisingly, he was the one that got me into chopping during my sets.

Pre show, we were watching Shiverz chopping the f*ck outta his sets in Montreal and it really got me thinking of ways to introduce new compositions to create new experiences for the audience during live performances.”

You can check out Dj View‘s music on his official Planet Mondo artist page right here.


Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.

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