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Skrillex and Diplo as Jack U

Watch Skrillex and Diplo’s Jack U set at Ultra Music Festival

The dust has settled on this year’s Ultra Music Festival. It was an eventful day with heaps of amazing acts delighting the massive crowds….

Arkana dubstep

Arkana’s new tune is the most stunning piece of music you will hear all week

Every now and then a tune comes along that smacks us in the face and makes us stop what we are doing. Arkana’s new…

The Strange Algorithm Series

New artist spotlight: The Strange Algorithm Series

Here at dubstep.co.uk, we like to shine a light on up-and-coming producers we find on our day-to-day trawls of the interwebs. One such…

Caspa is mashed

What were the first tweets of dubstep heavyweights?

That Twitter first tweets function is pretty cool. As the name suggests, you can basically see the first thing you or anyone else…


Footsie – King Original Volume 3 review

“I think the scene needs it,” says Footsie. “I hope it has the impact it should have.” Does the world know how good a producer…

Reabo - Whatever May Come dubstep

Reabo – Whatever May Come

Opinion seems divided on this one. This is the debut of Reabo, a “supergroup” formed of a curious mix of folks: former Evile guitarist…

Dubstep new releases

6 new dubstep releases from Bandcamp you need in your life

We bloody love Bandcamp. It’s a top source of new material from around the world, but you do sometimes end up spending more…

Free dubstep download

5 free dubstep downloads to brighten up your weekend

Spring is here (for most of us) but it’s still a little cold and grey out. Thankfully the new tunes just keep on rolling…