Owsey makes amazing post-dubstep music and gives it away for free

Owen Ferguson aka Owsey is responsible for some of the most forward thinking, evocative music we’ve ever heard. He’s a young Irish chap who makes what we guess you could call future garage or ambient dubstep or post-dubstep or something similarly silly. But why bother really? He makes electronic music that transcends boundaries and genres. It goes beyond dubstep and into something far more dreamy.

There’s a power within the music that evokes strikingly vivid images. You can really get lost in this music and it’s a blessing that there’s so much of it out there, including collabs with all our favs, like CoMa and Sorrow and Stumbleine.

Here’s a quote from an interview with Owsey about where he gets his inspiration from:

“There are a lot of answers to this question – anywhere & everywhere. I’ll jot down a few examples, such as: I might find a quote I like in a book, make a note of it & elaborate on it further down the line. I enjoy photography as I said, so I spend a fair amount of time looking through various photo sites. People, places, fiction & non-fiction.”

He’s also working on a new band project, according to his Soundcloud:

“A lot of sound being made behind the scenes: electric, acoustic, 12 string, lap steel guitars; vocal & harmonies, banjo, live drums, piano, traditional instruments, mics, amps & cabs, pedals, electronic sounds, new music rooms, new people, water & frequent surfs in the ocean.”

Can’t wait to hear the new record.

If you’re new to Owsey’s music, here are a few bits and pieces we like, just to get you started.

Click here for Owsey’s Bandcamp page where you can download everything for free.

Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.

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