Noclu and Maksim MC drop an introspective banger

Killer tune alert. Bass music don Noclu (remember his awesome collabs with CoMa?) has teamed up with Maksim MC for an epic new cut that has got us all excited. The intro to Life is subtle, with a little flute and some soft tribal drums, building graciously to the big drop with the blazing synth and, of course, Maksik’s stirring bars.

We really dig the lyrics. They tell a story of opening up your mind to the endless possibilities of life.

Your sheer existence is the force of all that’s in your mind
And if you force yourself to learn enough you might just find it
Opens up u further, till ur mind is like a turnip
Growing up out its roots, that’s the miracles u heard of

Awesome stuff. There’s only one verse, no need for a chorus. It’s like a mic drop. He says his piece, splits and then the music takes over, very much on the same kind of tip. If inspirational dubstep isn’t a thing yet, it is now. Top work.


Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.

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