This new Lorn EP will blow your mind

We listen to a lot of new music throughout the day. The constant stream of tunes on Soundcloud, Twitter, Bandcamp and Facebook means that it’s increasingly difficult to capture someone’s attention, particularly given the nature of social media and how short all of our attention spans have become. One of the new pieces of music that popped up in the feed today was this tune called Acid Rain from an EP by Lorn, an experimental electronic artist who’s put tunes out on¬†Wednesday Sound, Timetable, Ninja Tune and Brainfeeder.

When we heard those first few rough, rugged synth sound, it all somehow felt incomplete and unfinished. As we went to skip to the next track, this thunderous kick drum materialised and suddenly that weird melody made sense and the tune came together in the most beautiful way. Lorn’s sound has this quite wonderful low-fi tinge to it. It’s not the kind of music that you’ll instantly fall in love with, or even like, but if you take a moment to lose yourself in those haunting layers and that unsettling bass, it has enormous depth and really takes you places.

The foundation of the tune Acid Rain is extremely dark and brooding, like an undead marching band trudging through endless rain. The near indecipherable vocal, distorted to complement the overall sound of the track, offers a glimmer of light among the darkness, foreshadowing a brief battle between good and evil that plays out until the track ends rather abruptly, leaving you wondering what just happened. Acid Rain plods along at about 110 BPM. It’s a remarkable 3 minutes of music and, indeed, the rest of the EP is produced in a similar vein.

Entangled is twice as long and equally as menacing, evoking scenes of Blade Runner or the movies of David Lynch. The last 2 minutes of the track, stripped of all beats and melodies, sound like an alien space craft passing by Earth.

The intro tune of the EP, given the comforting name There Ain’t Nothing It’s Just Pain And Then Yer Gone, is an extremely unsettling piece of gloomy electro mastery straight from an 80s B-movie. It’s quite magnificent and perhaps offers an insight into the thought process behind these tracks.

This EP is actually the second in a series called the Maze To Nowhere, both available as a free download. Check out part 1 and part 2 at these links. You won’t be disappointed.


Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.

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