Ghosts of Paraguay - Ember

The new Ghosts Of Paraguay LP is out now — and it’s fantastic

David Templeman aka Ghosts Of Paraguay has been a stalwart of the future garage scene for a few years now. With roots in house, trance and later drum n bass, Ghosts Of Paraguay has had time to absorb elements from all these genres and move towards something far more forward thinking. Whatever you want to call it, be it ambient, chillstep, dubstep, future garage or something else entirely, this really is “music to stare at the stars with”, as he so eloquently puts it on his Facebook.

Ember is the follow-up to the 2009 release Silent Souls. Ghosts Of Paraguay has taken that foundation and built something far more engaging and emotional on it. It’s relaxed and subtle, with gorgeous piano compositions neatly complementing slow, methodical 2-step beats in the first handful of tunes. The dark, brooding nature of the music really reveals itself in tracks like Titles. At times, like with the tune Falling Off The Edge, Ghosts Of Paraguay becomes so far removed from any essence of dubstep or dance music that it’s easy to lose track of what it is you’re actually listening to.

There’s a versatility in this music that has always been hinted at, but perhaps never explored in quite so much depth. Wait For You with the vocal talent of Aidan Dullaghan is another example — a beautiful, haunting piano number devoid of beats and clutter. The production work is flawless throughout this album. It’s a true journey, an accomplishment that sets the bar for all artists making this kind of music. Mark our words: people will be talking about this album for years to come. And rightly so.

Listen to the album below or buy it from iTunes.

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