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New dubstep artist spotlight: Rithim

We’re kicking this week off with a spotlight featuring a young chap from Birmingham by the name of Rithim, which we’ve found out now is the Gaelic word for rhythm. Paddy Doherty aka Rithim has been clocking up the listens on his Soundcloud with some raw dubstep tunes that are screaming out for dancefloor attention. His most recent offering, Too Dirty, is a screeching banger that will blow the cobwebs away. Have a listen.

As a yoof, Rithim was spitting bars with Mike Skinner, aka The Streets, on a shortlived project along with four other local rappers before releasing his debut hip hop album in 2000. Fast forward to 2013 and it was dubstep that caught Rithim’s attention, via Skrillex’s classic Scary Monster and Nice Sprites EP. Since then, he hasn’t looked back and has been getting recognised for his no-nonsense approach to dubstep.

His debut EP, The Morning After the Night Before (a concept EP based on the theme of a one-night stand), dropped recently and we recommend picking up the tunes on a free download. Check ’em below. Plenty of wub wub goodness to keep the bassheads happy. Deepest Dreams is definitely our favourite track. It’s a little more mellow and has a decent vocal holding it all together.

Rithim also has some sound remixes under his belt, including this beauty of a relick of Soummyo Biswas & Ennovi’s Speaker Pop. The intro is suitably dreamy, making full use of the vocal, before a fashionably epic buildup and a monumental drop. Then BOOM it’s flying and never looking back.

Look out for a new EP this summer.

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