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The hottest thing in music right now: Until The Ribbon Breaks

Dubstep is our thing, but we’re also into all the sub genres and the other loosely related genres that go with it. Then sometimes there are artists and bands that don’t really slot easily into any pigeon hole, so we just listen, enjoy and dream. Until The Ribbon Breaks are one of those bands. For us, they’re the most exciting thing in music right now. Straight up. What’s so exciting about them, you ask? Well, how about their latest offering, a gorgeous remix of London Grammar’s Sights.

That is not an easy track to remix. The original is a monstrously powerful tune in its own right. But with a little TLC, Until The Ribbon Breaks have put together something really special. The vocal is treated with the utmost respect, sat happily atop a dreamy future garage beat, tweaked and twisted in all the right ways. The beat is simple and to the point, while the melody is blissful and evocative. It’s a sublime piece of ambience and we actually like it more than the original, which is a feat in itself. Remember the first time you heard Joe Goddard’s Gabriel? It’s that kind of impact.

But this remix is only the tip of the iceberg. The tune that started it off for us was Pressure, which popped up more than a year ago as a free download. At that time, we knew absolutely nothing about Until The Ribbon Breaks other than that it was one chap from Wales named Pete. Pressure is a modern-day masterpiece. The vocal is incredible and the production flawless. A student of film, Pete also takes visuals seriously. For the video for Pressure, Pete put together footage from David Lynch’s Lost Highway.

With a handful of tracks unleashed on the world, Pete upped and went to the States, where Until The Ribbon Breaks morphed from a one-man band into a three piece. The trio have been putting on shows in America and garnering new fans at every turn. Fans in the UK (like us) have had to sit back and wait for Until The Ribbon Breaks to pay us a visit back here so we can also check out the live shows that people have been raving about.

There are lots of other tunes, originals and remixes, on the Until The Ribbon Breaks Soundcloud and we urge you to spend a bit of time listening to everything. The lads will be on the road with London Grammar later this year, but sadly there are no UK dates yet. To Pete and co: come back soon!

Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.

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