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Grab this huge free dubstep LP from Stinkahbell while it’s hot

We’ve got a lot of time for Stinkabell. The London lad, Anton “Nutty P” Flanders, has been putting out sick dubstep tunes for a while now, previously as part of a duo with MC Janset Sayar, then as a solo project. We’re still particularly fond of the weirdly named, yet devastatingly effective, Hot Poo from 2012.

Stinkahbell & PSY:AM FT OG’Z – Hot Poo

But now fast forward to 2014 and Stinkahbell is still wreaking havoc on sound systems with his unfaltering take on wobble. Just recently, he dropped a free album of bassline goodness on his Soundcloud page in what appears to be a final swansong for the Stinkahbell brand. Neon City, the opening tune, sets the tone with a suitably epic, sweeping track, showing shades of Nero and the like.

The rest of the album is reassuringly dastardly and grimey, with lots of filtered vocals and wub. Stinkahbell’s style isn’t for everyone and these tunes certainly aren’t for the fainthearted (there are enough woops, whurs and wobs to overthrow governments), but we’re impressed with the diversity on offer in tracks like Something in your Eyes (VIP), which itself is more like a dubstep lullaby than a dancelfoor destroyer.

Mode is more of the same.

The final track of the album, Point Break, pretty much epitomises the Stinkahbell sound for is. It’s no-nonsense, unrelenting, in your face. All that and more really. The trademark of a true dubstep great.

Check out the Soundcloud for the full stream of the album or download here.

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