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Ganju: mysterious Russian producer making kickass beats

Ganju, or at least we think his name is Ganju, is an electronic music producer from Russia. From what we can gather he lives in Crimea. We can’t find a great deal of info about the guy, other than that he is making some seriously impressive downtempo beats. Ganju continues to fly under the radar, but that hasn’t stopped him from putting out a string of really menacing, dark, glitchy tunes. The vibe is extremely moody, introspective even. It’s easy to get lost in this music. There are a lot of influences in there. The future garage scene made famous by Burial appears to have played a part, but you would in no way say this music doesn’t have its own character. The drums are crisp, near perfect in fact, and the use of distorted vocals is often haunting, if not downright captivating. We’re reminded of the likes of Stumbleine, CoMa, Sorrow, Owsey et al. There’s a lot of acoustic guitar used and heaps of unusual samples, as well as some neat string section. We could listen to Ganju’s music all day.

One of his earlier tunes, a straight-up dubstep piece complete with somewhat unrefined growly bass, sets the scene for the music progression that was to come.

Ganju has got a lot more creative with his bass and tended to evolve from the typical wobble sounds we’re accustomed to. This tune, e.m.m.a. t.p. being a prime example.

Melancholy is perhaps the definitive example of the Ganju sound.

He’s also collaborated with CoMa on this great track. The fusion of CoMa’s unnerving vocal with those hypnotic beats and samples is awesome.

And this brings us to his newest tune, an Oriental-influenced number called Armita.

Some of Ganju’s tunes are available for free download on his Soundcloud, while others are just there to listen to. We recommend giving him a follow to stay up to date. And who knows, one day we might find out a little more about this mysterious Russian.

Oh, and he also has a curious Youtube channel and this is, apparently, a typical Ganju morning:

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