Footsie – King Original Volume 3 review

“I think the scene needs it,” says Footsie. “I hope it has the impact it should have.”

Does the world know how good a producer Footsie is? Grime heads have known for a while now. Signed to Dizzee Rascal’s Dirtee Stank label as one half of Newham Generals alongside D Double E, Footsie has had a hand in massive tunes like I’m a General and Boom Boom, as well as more recent offerings like Passion and Piff. He’s an MC in his own right too, of course, but it’s his production work that is is pièce de résistance.

Footsie’s debut producer album, King Original Volume 1, named after his dad’s sound system, dropped last year and was quickly followed by the sequel, King Original Volume 2. This week, music fans can get their mitts on King Original Volume 3 — and it does not disappoint. It’s 13 heavy, rough beats fusing elements of grime, dubstep, trap and hop hop. Unlike the previous two albums, however, this one doesn’t feel like a bunch of instrumentals. It’s more of an album in its own right. This is a very forward-thinking collection of tunes — a coming of age, of sorts.

The opening tune, Bubblers, is a perky little number that keeps things funky. The vibe gets a touch darker with the slow plodder Very Alarming, which is followed by the eerie beat of Traps. Spookfest is instantly recognisable from the 2012 release of the same name. War Dub 4 (Send for Everyone) sounds exactly as you imagine it would. It’s a serious beat.

Our favourites on the album, Bombaclart and Cold Winter, show a musical diversity often lacking in grime productions of late. Newham Tribes is in the same league and the final track, Battery, is a murky wobbler with that distinctive Footsie imprint.

So what are you gonna do with an album full of tunes with no lyrics? Well, for us, it’s no-nonsense office-hour listening for the work day. It’s music to chill at home to in your front room. Then it’s beats that DJs can work with, caress and incorporate into sets. Turbtablists have some killer tracks to juggle with and scratch to here, and it goes without saying these beats are going to be pure fire in the hands of the right battle DJs.

Footsie is clearly an exceptional producer who knows bass inside out. It’s probably about time more people started to take note.

Check out what the man himself had to say about his new album here:

King Original Volume 3 is out now. You can get it through iTunes here.

Here’s a little preview mix of tunes from the album by DJ MS1:


  • Bubblers
  • Very Alarming
  • Traps
  • Spookfest
  • It Feels Safe
  • War Dub 4 – Send For Everyone
  • Exodus
  • Night In The Museum
  • Bombaclart
  • Cold Winter
  • Tekky
  • Newham Tribes
  • Battery

Image: Instagram/itsfootsieagain

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