Feeling bassy and boozy with XELɅRɅIN

Massive tune alert. Sex Drugs & Camping is, by all accounts, a different direction than XELɅRɅIN‘s usual sound, but we are absolutely, 100% hooked on this. This is the first tune from XELɅRɅIN that’s popped up on our radar. Take a journey through the forest with a lush intro punctuated by tingly harp strings, melodic bass and a cheeky lady sample. Once the beat drops out, the bass switches up and an on-point cut-up vocal invites us to explore a little more.

The tune is only three minutes long, but it’s an instant win and also a free download, which we promptly took advantage of. We’ll be spending some time checking out the rest of the tunes on XELɅRɅIN’s Soundcloud. He hails from Canada and has a whole bunch of tracks up there, with a promise of more like Sex Drugs & Camping to come. Get involved.


Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.

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