Feel-good vibes from LostBoyCrow’s Love Won’t Sleep

Lovely tune this one. Hat tip to Mr Suicide Sheep for posting. We’re not normally huge on male vocals like this, but vocalist LostBoyCrow manages to keep things tidy, crooning effortlessly over the slick production work of MARØ & Brian Child. It’s part electro, part R&B, part pop. All good. He’s got that Jamie Woon, Frank Ocean aura going on.

Who is LostBoyCrow, you might ask? On his Soundcloud, he describes himself as: “An idea that pays homage to new beginnings and a poignant heritage — best described as a pop minded vocalist’s dark love affair with the world of modern R&B.”

Sounds about right. Consider us new fans!

Listen below and check out the Soundcloud.

Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.

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