EDM to Receive Its Own Awards Show

With Skrillex sweeping the Grammys for two consecutive years, it’s about time that EDM has an awards ceremony devoted solely to itself. According to New York Post, DCP is in search of a partnership with a TV station that will broadcast the awards show, and this search comes shortly after news that Billboard has been tracking EDM as its own category.

After DCP was acquired by investment firm Guggenheim Partners, it has been achieving record ratings for its live televised award ceremonies, and now DCP seems to want to move in on the rapidly growing EDM industry. And this move comes right in the midst of its record-hitting ratings and advertiser-driven demand for DVR-proof, “must-see” TV. DCP’s CEO Allen Shapiro states that “[Advertisers] want to be associated with live events, with a young audience, and that interests us as well,” and mentions that the success of the other award shows were attributed to the producers’ pairing of hosts with natural chemistry.

Although Shapiro hasn’t commented on specific plans with regards to the EDM awards ceremony, a lot of questions are beginning to surface. What kinds of awards will be given out, and how will they be different from the IDMAs? Who will be likely candidates to serve as the hosts? How will the live performances pan out? – We’re thrilled that EDM is making a bigger push into the commercial realm, and the awards ceremony will definitely have an impact on exposing the genre to a wider audience, granted that DCP secures the right key players behind the show.

Written by: Ji-Sook Yim

Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.