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Here it is, at long last, our top 20 tunes of the year. We waited until right at the end of the year to make sure we didn’t miss out on anything. There were a lot of strong tracks that came out in the last few weeks, so finalising this top 20 has been a difficult task, especially when you look back at the amazing music that’s come out this year. It should be noted that, as always, we genre hop a lot, so in the end, what you have here is a fairly diverse range of music styles that we think ultimately sums up 2014 for us. Obviously, there are going to be tunes that we forgot about or ones that we haven’t heard or ones that we maybe should have included and didn’t. But whatever, that’s just how it goes with these lists.

So without further ado, here’s the Dubstep.co.uk Top 20 Tunes of 2014 (listen to them all in the podcast):

20. aywy. & EphRemAdderall

An absolute barnstormer of a tune. The impact of that bass and those horns hitting you smack in the face is nothing short of phenomenal. One of the best bits of trap music we’ve heard probably ever.

19. Hatcha & PixelfistScrewface

No messing around for this aptly named tune from these two heavyweights. Slow, methodical and on point.

18. Moody GoodHotplate

Huge tune from earlier in the year from his equally huge debut album. Everything Moody Good touches turns to gold.

17. Jamie xxAll Under One Roof Raving

A dose of nostalgia from one of the best in the business. It’s the kind of tune that can’t help but make you smile.

16. CoMaI Monster

CoMa’s I Monster is an astounding accomplishment. It’s an absolute feast. There aren’t too many people who can pull off 20-minute tracks without coming across as pretentious twats. Thank you, CoMa, for being the exception.

15. RL GrimeScylla

Another trap tune. This one comes from Void, one of the standout albums of 2014. Polished, diverse and provocative, RL Grime kicked ass this year.

14. KOAN Sound x Culprate x Asa x SorrowMosaic

Every year, the folks from Inspected put out a Movember charity collab tune, and every year it’s amazing.


Dark, moody, mysterious: we LOVE Lorn, even though we don’t know a whole lot about him. His Maze To Nowhere series is excellently weird and we can’t wait for part 3.

12. Culprate feat. CoMa & KodaUndefined

We could have put a handful of Culprate tunes up in this list, especially considering how good Deliverance, his recent album, is. But this tune, with CoMa and Koda, gets the checkmark from us this time round.

11. CatoMissing ft. Lucy Randel (Original)

The Unknown LP was fantastic, but it was this laidback ambient tune that really stood out for us.

10. Memory Cards – Fragile

We don’t really know anything about Memory Cards, but whoever he/she/they are, they’re making amazing tunes.

09. L.SSee No

This tune has longevity, no doubt. Defo the highlight of the latest Friends Are Eclectic compilation from Future Follower Records.

08. Darius CarterPsilocybin

A newcomer to the scene (from what we can tell), this tune popped up on the Buygore Fresh Blood EP.

07. Tritonal & Mr FijiWijiSeraphic

Extremely powerful. Mr FijiWiji’s presence here does wonders.

06. MujuiceSiberia

Ah, Mujuice. One of the most reliable producers around. This year’s Metamorphosis LP was a wondrous thing to behond and the opening track, Siberia, is beautiful.

05. Imagined Herbal FlowsClouds

One of our fav discoveries of the year. Cannot wait for more tunes next year.

04. YogiBurial (feat. Pusha T) [Moody Good Remix]

The remix that broke the Internet. Moody Good delivers once again.

03. JokerMidnight

He’s back. Nuff said.

02. Asa & StumbleineWithout You (ZES Remix)

A stunning remix of an awesome tune. The floaty vibes here epitomise tranquility.

01. YUMEAlone

Who is YUME? We don’t know really. But this tune, complete with Final Fantasy samples, is breathtaking and is without doubt our favourite tune of the year. An odd choice, perhaps, but once you hear it, you can’t escape its grasp.

Wanna listen to them all? Then check out our end of year podcast.

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