Deep dubstep tunes that are bang on the money

Yeah, we love the heavier side of dubstep and bits and pieces of brostep, but we’re also into the deeper side of the music and the sub genres and artists responsible for some of the more introspective tunes doing the rounds at the moment. These are the records that suck you in and transport you to dark and curious places without being overwhelming. What are we on about? Well, have a look at our roundup of recent tunes and you’ll get the picture.

Ganju – Someone

This is a gorgeous piece of ambience with hypnotising keys from Ganju, taken from the forthcoming Slow Down LP he’s doing with Myamo. Once the beat kicks in and you hear that distorted vocal snippet, you’ve been absorbed and told a story that keeps you hooked right to the end. A really moving piece of music.

Stumbleine Feat. Violet Skies – Her Touch

Stumbleine probably doesn’t need much of an introduction as a producer. Signed to Monotreme Records, this chap has made some of the finest bits of future garage we’ve ever heard. His new album with Violet Skies is out now and this is one track from it. The dreamy and hypnotic vocal is the perfect accompaniment to the swirling, magical tune behind it. These two acts clearly work superbly well together and the melodies they’ve come up with are way ahead of most of the music out at the moment. Check out the new album here.

ViLLΛGE – Dive

The ever-reliable ViLLΛGE of Origami Sound has put together a dark little number with a haunting male vocal. There’s some real menace in this tune thanks to the pulsating, relentless phases and the throbbing chords. A great offering from a guy who until recently was primarily known for his VJing work.

IC3PEAK – Ellipse (Haarps Refix)

This Haarps remix of IC3PEAK’s new tune is another one on a future garage tip that we can’t get enough of. This is a bad, bad tune that makes good use of bass and really hits you with it before seducing you with these crisp breaks and soft sweeps. It builds and builds and then it’s over, like a dream. Awesome.

Owsey & Resotone – A Smile From The West (EP)

This whole EP, a new one from Owsey with Resotone, is worth checking out and taking advantage of the free download. Owsey is one of the most consistent producers around and these new tunes are just mesmerising in their power. It’s like the soundtrack to the perfect sunset, with enchanting vocals and simple keys alongside these incredibly atmospheric chords. If you’re in need of something to listen to as you chill out at home, this is it, no doubt.

Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.

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