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Do compilation albums come much better than this? Powered by Inspected

The good folks at Inspected have curated an album of some of the most exciting producers around at the moment. Not only that, but they’re giving it away for free. What more could you really ask for? The tunes on Power by Inspected range from sublime chillout numbers to bass-heavy growlers. The opening track sets the tone with the excellent ZES remix of Asa and Stumbleine’s Without You, a track we recently bigged up. It’s an absolute beauty.

From there, we explore the dark, industrial sounds of the likes of Barbarix and Culprate with DET & Silanta delivering a masterclass in erratic drum patterns. On our journey, we get into some bass, dubstep, future garage, drum n bass, tech house, grime, raw electro — everything really. Kursa and Bijou throw down some dirty breaks and Sam Gellaitry lets rip with a deep, techy 4/4 smasher.

xKore takes a breather from his usual sound with a wonky piano house tune under his Sonny Banks monicker, while omnipresent Sorrow reminds us why he’s the don of rough-and-ready garage beats. Not to be outdone, Thinnen throws one down for the dancefloor and as the album draws to a close, Vanilla is there with a cheeky dose of funk.

All in all, it’s a yarn spun by some of contemporary dance music’s most gifted storytellers. An extravagant feast of boundless basslines, dystopian drums and sumptuous synths.

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