sangam - codes and stygian

Codes EP – Sangam – Con Amore Recordings

If you’re someone that’s intrigued by the mystique of an artist you know nothing about (a rarity in the age of the internet), then you might be interested in Sangam, a guy who puts Burial to shame on the mystery front. I’ve made 5 tunes with the guy and interviewed him twice, and I still don’t have the slightest clue what his name is. Nobody does. It doesn’t really matter, of course, and fortunately it hasn’t led to labels overlooking his work…

Whilst there’s more than enough producers who can sit and talk all day about some new impressive production technique, there’s people like Sangam out there who are cutting up samples, making pads and getting things done. I find his tunes share one over-arcing theme, and that’s a startling simplicity, and the ability to pack more feeling into a couple of pads, one vocal sample, a kick and a hat than many others can force in to their ghost-snare filled attempts at a symphony. Listen to Codes. It’s a perfect example of Sangam’s stark work, and whilst he usually works at 130 or below, he’s pushed things into Autonomic territory here, verging on ambient. Now, the original plan was for his original piece, Stygian, to appear but due to an issue with mastering, this was left off, and Codes is backed with two remixes. Traditionally, I’m wary of releases with more remixes than originals, but there’s no need for hesitation when these edits come from Retral and Gasface. Retral’s take retains the vibe of the sun-kissed original, and tosses out a tightly-wound garage beat with just sublime vocal cutting, whilst Gasface’s recreation left me stunned when he told me he used only the original stems to create his bleak, ghostly version, replete with his trademark knocking percussion.

I’ve yet to introduce someone to Sangam that hasn’t gone on to avidly follow him. If that recommendation can’t get you to listen, then what will?

Review by Garathom

Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.