Check out Buer’s new record label

We’re big fans of Buer. Just 18 years old, she’s already put out some really impressive tunes, exploring the darker side of dubstep and future garage. This lady has a bright future ahead of her, no doubt. Check out this tune, Tidal, to get an idea of what we’re talking about. It’s from her The Mist EP, available as a free download.

So we’re very much looking forward to what she puts out on Fallen Records, the label she recently set up. It’s a new label, so there isn’t a huge back cat or anything yet, but there is this new tune, SPLIT by Shizo, a dark, brooding number that sets the tone for the fledgling label.

You can also get your hands on this deep, dark, dirty mix by m0rph0.

Can’t wait for more releases.

Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.

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