Scrabble dubstep

You can now play the word “dubstep” in Scrabble

It was probably only a matter of time. First dubstep took over the underground scene. Then the dance scene. Then the pop scene. Next it ended up in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. And now, you can officially play the word “dubstep” in Scrabble. Obviously we are badass scrabble players on the down low, so this news is most welcomed. Those folks over at the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary have added some 5,000 words this time around, including a bunch of slightly shit ones like “hashtag”, “selfie”, “vlog”, “webzine”, “texter” and “geocache”, as well as lame words like “chillax”, “frenemy”, “buzzkill” and “bromance”. Dubstep will net you a phat 12 points, so you might want to hit up those triple word scores if the letters ever land in your lap.

There are also a few useful new two-letter words, like “te”, “gi”, “po” and “da”. No news on “brostep”, though. Maybe next year.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, here’s a brand new tune from Zomboy.

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