Bare – Fine Day Remix (review)

Well I just recently discovered this song and decided it was definitely worthy of review in my eyes. Though it doesn’t have many views, and not much is known about the artist or the song itself I was able to dig a little deeper and find out a bit about it. The original song is a dance song originally done by Miss Jane and can be found here. Bare’s take on this song is quite impressive for many reasons.
First of all, this song is a bootleg. The song is not made with the original artists’s consent, and this may sound like a bad thing (though a large portion of great dubstep out there is) this speaks immensely for Bare’s talent as a producer, as he did not have the stems to make this song, yet he was still able to get the sounds he wanted and cover up the sounds that are in the sample he used with synthesized sounds that still sound good in this particular song. Bare is a very talented producer and I would love to see more from him, though as of now he only has 5 tracks available on his myspace, which people still use for some reason. who knew? Getting on with the review though, I am going to be going through the song and reviewing as I listen since I have only heard this song a few times before and this is a relatively new find for me.

[youtube id=”WuONSiiFyrw” width=”600″ height=”350″]
This tune starts out with a very well crafted combo of the original version and a ravey synth sound that covers up unnecessary sounds from the sample. Shortly after a kick pattern progressively speeds up as though giving a hint to an upcoming drop, but the only thing to be found at the end of that metaphorical tunnel is a very smooth vocal track from the original song. A false start, if you will. However, a couple seconds late the huge drop kicks in and the kick-snare pattern restores itself.
The drop itself is quite interesting. It is made of an assortment of sounds including one that can commonly be heard in “Bare Noize” music which may just be a coincidence dealing with this producer’s name (Bare) or there could be some sort of association. I am honestly not sure. The drop, however, is very well crafted and includes about 6 different effects that flow very well together and none of the sounds get in any other sound’s way making it sound like a great single effect, when in fact it is many working together to sound great layered under the hard snare and soft kick. This culmination of sounds can be compared to a great chef throwing in a bunch of herbs and spices that work together and compliment each other instead of ruining each other’s tastes. Overall, I could spend hours reviewing this song and I may do an extended analysis including the formatting and chordal structuring, but for now I will just leave it here. Enjoy this tune!
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