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6 new dubstep releases from Bandcamp you need in your life

We bloody love Bandcamp. It’s a top source of new material from around the world, but you do sometimes end up spending more time than necessary sifting through Zelda remixes and My Little Pony bootlegs. So we’ve handpicked for you the best of the new dubstep releases from Bandcamp for you to check out. They are mostly free downloads, so you can get some new music without having to spend a penny.

First up is this gorgeous, sweeping orchestral number from Arkana. The dreamy intro leads into some crisp beats and emo strings. Very cool and a free download.

MrWolgr’s Dystopian EP is a sublime collection of tunes with heaps of sweeps and filters and curiosities. Before The Storm is our fav. Another free download.

The Japanese sound really comes through in ISA’s duo of tracks here. Feel The Love is the one to get excited about. It’s an awesome slice of ambient instrumental music.

C4’s Prisoners of the Past is a slow, plodding little wobbler that caught our attention because of its simplicity. Definitely on a dark tip.

Special Attack/Blue Bird by Burning Forest are full of Skrillex-esque blips, beats and bass, but the arrangements are decent and kind of musical.

And finally, the only one on our list today that isn’t a free download, but it’s a new release you defo ought to check out. The Ten Reasons EP by Klaus is eight (not 10) quality dubstep tunes that evoke a curious mix of emotions with subdued headnodders right through to dancefloor killers, all impeccably produced with a solid respect for the sounds. It’ll cost you 5 euros.

Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.

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