5 reasons we’re all about Vaski at the moment

Vaski is hot shit. The Minneapolis producer just keeps churning out absolute beasts of tunes. He touches on all kinds of genres, from dubstep to trap to indie and beyond. There’s just something about those crisp, fresh beats and killer melodies. This dude can rock a synth and keep it musical in the process. So what is about Vaski that keeps us coming back for more? Well, let’s start at the beginning, with the tune that first caught our attention.

Vaski – Insane ft. Ava

Dubstep at it’s finest. A dreamy intro with gorgeous keys and that awesome vocal from Ava (don’t know much about her). Absolutely stunning. And then it drops in the most perfect way. You cannot help but nod your head to this and feel good about yourself. Brilliant.

Vaski – Killing Time

A new one, and something a little different, slowing things down. It’s just a nice beat with some decent chords. A real versatile piece of music. After all, who wants to listen to the same beat all day and night?

Cage the Elephant – Come A Little Closer (Vaski Remix)

Here, Vaski takes a perfectly fine indie song and gives it a little twist and a kick. It’s respectful of the strong vocal and creative enough to give a new meaning to the sound. It keeps the best elements of the original tune in tact and just brings a little more oomph. We think it actually sounds better than the original, so hats off. The man loves his indie sound. Case the Elephant also appreciated the remix apparently, so it’s all love.

Vaski – Cobra

We like this one ‘cos it’s pretty in-your-face. It’s a harder sound than a lot of his other work, but it’s god a nice, dark edge to it. It sounds like something Mix Master Mike would pull out for one of his insane mixtapes. Nothing fancy. Just a good beat.

Sound Remedy – Chiaroscuro (Vaski Remix)

Now, the original of this tune is a damn fine piece of music in its own right, and Vaski makes the most of his source material here, throwing in a really grungy drop with a nice, stepping beat. This is a little more upbeat than the original and another strong remix from Vaski.

Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.

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