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4 wicked dubstep tunes for Wednesday

It’s Wednesday. Hump day. The middle of the week. As usual, we’ve been scouring the airwaves and the Interwebs to bring you the biggest, baddest new tunes spanning everything from dubstep to future garage and beyond. Today, we’ve got a wicked little collection for you, with a bit of something for everyone. So don’t despair, the weekend is almost upon us once more.

Asa & Stumbleine – Without You (ZES Remix)

First up, a brand new remix of Asa & Stumbleine’s Without You courtesy of ZES. Now, if you’ve heard the original, you will know it’s a downtempo piece of ambient beauty, serene in its simplicity. A fine offering from two of our favourite producers. Untouchable, you would think. But not if your Holland’s Zes, who throws down a completely different take on the tune. The gorgeous, sweeping melodies are underscored by rattling, cluttered drums and these quirky synth keys, giving a much more chirpy output than the original but staying true to those future garage roots and doing justice to the timestretched vocal snippets. It all drops out about halfway through, inviting you to lose yourself on a hilltop looking out over lush fields. The second drop picks up the momentum once more, twisting and turning those synth keys even more. A fine display from Zes — and a free download.

Lisa Miskovsky – Still Alive (Volant Remix)

Well isn’t this your lucky day. Another free download! This time it’s Volant doing the remix honours for Lisa Miskovsky’s Still Alive. You may recognise the vocal from the game Mirror’s Edge. It’s a great tune in its own right, a feelgood pop music melody. Volant has given it the full-on chillstep treatment, with trademark snares, a punchy kick drum and a drop that will give you goosebumps, with all kinds of synth goodness rising to the surface and oozing out of every pore, while the vocal ditches its popular roots and complements the trancey melodies. The second drop retains the elements of the first, powering home like a maniac on meth. Good job, Volant.

Imagined Herbal Flows – Breeze

Brought to our attention by Mr Suicide Sheep, this one came out a couple of weeks ago. It’s a fantastic bit of future garage, with crisp drums, a simple, dreamy melody and an infusion of classic Japanese instruments. The end result is warm and exotic, punctuated by stretched and twisted vocal samples. Again, it’s a free download, so bag it while you can.

Asa featuring Culprits – Heartbeats

Finally, it’s our favourite tune from the new Asa EP. This was released this week and it’s magnificent. Asa is consistently one of our favourite producers and he delivers in abundance here. Heartbeat is a musical journey, beginning with soothing piano keys and spoken word samples, leading into a dark, rolling bassline and enticing, sweeping melodies. A charming female vocal kicks in after about a minute, leading into a twisting, turning voyage through the inner souls of the producers, stopping and starting, with yet another vocal, a male this time, invading the space of the tune and your mind. By that point, you’re only about halfway through and it just keeps switching up, with new sounds and stabs, building up and breaking down seemingly on a whim. Then you get to 5:35 and all hell breaks loose as the track descends into drum n bass, jungle, acid house and more, woven together by the finest of threads, somehow not coming apart at the seams. How they pulled off a track like this, we’ll never know. Masterful


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