Losing Suki review

1995 Last Magpie – Losing Suki

Losing Suki positions itself as the deeper moodier sister label to what has fast become one of the dominant credible house labels, Hypercolour. Exemplified by artist Last Magpie, having released the dancefloor banger ‘Who Knows’ on Hypercolour earlier this year and now returning for a deeper excursion with their ‘1995’ EP.

As the name suggests, the title track is another throwback House work out, which seems to be quite the popular Plat du Jour, or month or year even. Perhaps that’s overly cynical, but with there being some genuinely beautiful Garage and moody Dubstup vibes in the other tracks present, such as Fallen, or the absolutely superb Hypno, 1995 just doesn’t feel right. Although, there’s a strong possibility of me chatting breeze, as the final track ‘Roots’ has all the trademark 4×4 kicks, Hardcore snare rolls and pitch twisted vocal cuts that are found throughout this throwback revival, yet it just seems to fit together better, the pulsating almost Oris Jay style baseline, carries the tune along and you end up with something greater than the sum of its parts.

Had this been a release of Hypno and Fallen, then this would be a regular, found in sets from the more garage influenced djs like Whistla and fans of the dusky Dubstup vibe following on from Burial. As it stands the release feels a little disjointed and the title track just ain’t doing it for me.

Review by Pete Bubonic

Anthony DiMoro is the lead writer and owner of 'Planet Mondo'.